December 2015 Updates

These are the latest updates for iKnow Church.  All churches using iKnow will automatically benefit from these latest enhancements.

Child Check-in

Downloading a CSV now includes postal address. This will make it easier if your church wants to post out identity cards to your parents.

Class capacity limit - if your children's classes are limited in size due to space or the number of helpers, then you can specify a maximum capacity for each class.

Override permissions - people can be given this permission to allow for someone to check-out a child who is not linked to that child within iKnow. This permission will require the children's worker to enter their iKnow username and password and the reason why. Override permissions can be given to children's worker by the main children's leader.

Guest child information can be accessed within the classes page for guest children who are checked in.

Self Check-in - this is now enabled allowed parents to check their children in themselves.  Managed Check-in can still be used for guests and those parents who don't have their own cards.


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