Coronavirus - message from iKnow

First published on: 16th March 2020

We’ve written an article on Carrying on Church amidst the Coronavirus which you may find useful. 

With much uncertainty over what the next few weeks and months may bring regarding Coronavirus I wanted to write and let you know the measures we have been taking at iKnow Church and Church Edit in preparation for the disruption that is happening globally.

The health of our team is the most important so we had asked any team members who have a temperature, cough or any other symptoms displayed in Covid-19 to work from home. Following the government guidance on the 16th March, we have now started to transistion to working from home. 

As a business we have previously had to action our remote continuity plan when we had a flood last June causing our offices to be unavailable for 6 weeks whilst the office dried out and was restored. 

We have since enhanced these plans to ensure that we can continue to support our clients during this difficult time so that we can continue to work, fully operational and fully secure from our homes. 

Following our server migration last Autumn, our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) who are the world's largest web host so service availability should not be affected. When setting up iKnow on AWS we also took steps to ensure that data was spread securely across multiple AWS locations in the UK. 

As iKnow Church is cloud based, it means that you can continue using it and connecting with your church members wherever you are. If you haven’t yet enabled online giving then you can set this up so that people can continue to give to the church whenever they want to no matter where they are based. If you haven’t used the finance module then visit our finance support pages.

We use VoIP phones so these will continue to function by connecting to the internet for calls, and our team can respond to queries via phone as well as the email ticketed system.

We are living in an unknown time and one of uncertainty and concern. With our faith in Jesus and the eternal hope that we have in Him, we are praying that through this Virus there be an opportunity to share about Him.

Yours in Christ
Kyle Cottington
Managing Director 

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