August 2019 Updates

First published on: 21st August 2019

These are the latest developments that have been released for August 2019.  

Embedded Calendar

We know many clients have been waiting for this! We are really pleased to be able to release this update so that you can embed your iKnow Church calendar onto your church website so that you do not need to keep 2 calendars updated anymore. 

Watch our video to find out more.

The embedding calendar comes in 3 varieties:

  • Monthly Grid
    This is the most popular format and will be the one most likely replacing your current church calendar. Visitors to your website will easily be able to navigate to future months.
  • Weekly Grid
    If you just want to show one week at a time then this is the calendar to use. Visitors to the site will be able to navigate to future weeks.
  • Upcoming List
    Perfect for the homepage of your site to give visitors a list of the events happening over the next few days or week.

With all these calendars you can specify if the embedded calendar should show all your public events or just a certain series. Showing certain series is great if for example you run Alpha and you just want to show when Alpha is happening on the Alpha page on your website. The calendar embed code can be found in the new Integrations option within Settings. See our tutorial for more information.


Some recent HMRC Gift Aid Claims have been big causing time outs within the Donations module so we've increased the script time to prevent this happening whilst compiling the report. 

Circle Updates

Circles are primarily used for communicating with certain groups of people. We've now introduced Super Circles as a way to group together circles to make it even easier for communication.  Creating a Super Circle is done within the same Settings > Circle Options and allows you to put circles within a Super Circle.

Circle Leaders - if you want to create a leader of a circle then this is now possible to do. This won't give the person any extra functionality but it will allow you to communicate just with the leaders of Circles or Super Circles. 

Finder queries have been added so that you can search for Super Circles and for Circle/Super Circle Leaders.

Within Settings > Circles you are now able to download a printer friendly version of the Circle/Super Circle and its members

Disable Option for Adding Children

iKnow Church makes it easy for new parents/ guardians to add their children to the church database through their Me option. Should a church want to disable this option then it can be done in Settings > Configuration. 



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