About iKnow Church Support

First published on: 24th June 2020

iKnow Church Support

Whether you're on a trial of iKnow Church or you've signed up for subscription with us, you can receive free unlimited technical support. 

We're highly recommended for our friendly and relatable support, with a great team dedicated to helping you and your teams.

First Stop: the dedicated iKnow Church training site

Take a look here. We hope you’ve seen our training site before. We have packed it full of useful training resources to help you. If you’re getting started with a new module, or you’re stuck using one you have used before, this is a great place to look for help. Our training site is built with bite sized training videos.

Tip: If you’re in iKnow, there is always a support button in the corner that you can click to be transported directly to a relevant article. For instance, if you need help with your rota and you select Support from the rota page, you will be taken directly to our rota support training videos.

Looking for a module overview?

The best place to start is always the support site, with plenty of videos and tutorial articles for each module.

You can also check our upcoming webinars to ascertain whether we might be covering your area of the software soon. Our webinars are a 45minute - 1 hour deep dive into a particular area of iKnow Church. You can always ask questions at the end of our webinars too. Take a look at those here

Role based learning

If you want an idea of the key modules that are useful for your role in the church, you can navigate our support site accordingly. 

On this page you can select your role and begin to learn about the most important parts of iKnow that will be relevant to you.

Getting started guides

We have created easy to follow PDF documents to help you get started with the key modules for your particular role. If you visit your role on the support site, you can download the guides.


Contacting our support team 


Email - helpdesk@iknowchurch.co.uk

When you email support, you will be given a ticket number. We will respond to you via your support ticket.

To help our team, please create different support emails/tickets based on the module that your questions are about. This helps us handle your case efficiently as the different tickets may need to be handled by different team members.

Phone - 0121 651 1125

You can reach our support team by phone.We like to be available on the phones to answer urgent queries when they come in. For this reason, it helps our team if you are able to check our support site for an answer to your query, or send an email first. It’s helpful if you first check the support site, as the many questions can be answered quickly through the resources we have provided there.

When you call, please have your Support ticket number on hand so that our team can check your ticket for you.

T: 0121 651 11 25 Send us an email Free Trial