5 Reasons to consider a mobile app for your church in 2021

First published on: 13th January 2021

5 Reasons to consider a mobile app for your church in 2021 


During the month of January, our iKnow Church mobile apps are available with 4 months free! Learn more on our January offer page here. Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to secure an app for your church, which can help with the following things:

1. Keep your community connected to church

Over the last year, we have experienced a type of church, gathering digitally. An app is a central place that your community can use to stay connected to what is happening at your church. All of your various online channels and communication methods can be centralised into one, easy to access place.


2. Sermons and teaching available in your pocket.

Many people enjoy listening to sermons again to help them consolidate what they have learned at church, or catch up on a missed service. A church app can keep all of your teaching and sermons in one place where people can very easily access them. Many churches have also begun releasing more regular content over the last year, as a means to encourage their community during lockdown. This content can all be easily accessed on an app.


3. Keep people engaged all week.

Time spent at church can be a small part of a Christian’s week, maybe only 2 hours! An app can be a resource where people can continue to engage with what is happening at church beyond the time spent watching the sunday service.

You can build a bank of resources that people can use to continue learning or growing, and an app is a great channel for you to communicate with your congregation, which leads us to our next point...


4. Push Notifications and instant updates.

A church app will allow you to send push notifications and news to all of the people who have it installed. Remind them of what is happening ar church, or even send daily encouragement. Push notifications are easy to create and wouldn’t a notification from your church in the morning be a welcome addition in the barrage of other notifications that someone will receive during the day? An app allows your church to have a voice amongst the chaos. 


5. Your website might be for new visitors but an app could be for your congregation. 

While a website is essentially a digital ‘front page’ for your church, somewhere for visitors to find information and learn about who you are, an app can have more resources for your congregation. The average congregation member may not have reason to visit the website, but may find a lot of use in an app that gives them their rota and church news. 


If your church is interested in an app to accompany your website, iKnow Church can provide you with a bespoke church app. Call 0121 651 11 25 to learn more, or find more information here. 


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