iKnow Church Support

We care about your experience of iKnow and we’re known for the quality of support that we provide. We want to ensure that you always have access to help whether you’re on a trial or you’ve been using iKnow for years! Here is what you will be able to find:


Getting Started Guides

There are guides for each key role within a church. Download a guide to get started looking at the areas of iKnow that will be relevant to you.

Support site and Tutorials

We have a support site that you can visit at anytime. It’s brimming with videos and articles to help you learn about and use iKnow Church. You can access tutorials at anytime by clicking HELP in iKnow, or you can jump straight to our support site, here.


Telephone Support

Anytime between 8:30am and 5 on a Monday - Friday you can call our support team to receive help with your iKnow account. Our First Line support team are glad to help! Call 0121 651 1125 [select option 2]


Email Support

If you send your query through to helpdesk@iknowchurch.co.uk a support ticket will be raised for you.


Training Events

We run periodic training days around the country. These are scheduled according to demand. To learn which events we have upcoming, look here. To ask for a new training event near you, click here.


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