Get a mobile app that is unique for your church!

Having a mobile app just for your church is an excellent way to connect with your church members and first time visitors.  

Guests/ First time visitors

The age old problem of connecting with guests has now been made easier than ever. How do you collect information, follow up their visit and try to reconnect, try to integrate them into small groups, invite them to a welcome lunch etc.

This has normally included over excited welcome teams with bright t-shirts and bribes of free coffee… and even then it is never that successful. Not anymore!

With an iKnow mobile app, your church can have the best integration process on the planet! Never before have you had a connection point that they take with them everywhere every day. As part of your welcome, invite people to download your mobile app and click on ‘I am New’; this will then ask them a few basic details adding them instantly to your iKnow Church Database under ‘pending people’. From here you instantly have their details on file, enabling you to welcome them to the church and instantly integrate them into church life.

Having your mobile app available is such a powerful tool, connecting you church with the most recent sermons, church events and much more.


Your church congregation will love having a mobile app and it will also be a great tool in reducing the administrative burden on the office. Having the app helps to ensure that information is easily accessible and promotes relevant and cutting edge communication.

24/7 community who can request prayer from people in their small group or the prayer chain and the great encouragement they receive when people let them know that they are interceding for them.

Podcasts all there in one place - excellent as many don't even know how to subscribe to podcast streams using other applications.

Cool news & features - Your own news feed or church blog can appear here, keeping your app users up to date with the news happening in the church. 

Purchase tickets - sell tickets for your events directly through the app making it even easier to have sell out conferences.

Church Calendar - knowing what's on when is key if you want your members to turn up and invite others. This will never again be a problem with the church calendar of dates in their pocket wherever they go. The next time they are having coffee with a friend they will be able to tell them the dates for the evangelistic event you are promoting!

Super Social Feeds - there is no doubt that much of communication and buzz happens now through social media. This can be difficult to keep track of and for some beyond their understanding... So instead of needing to be attached to all these social media feeds, you can simply plug in your facebook account to your mobile app.

Profile - the ability to keep their own details up to date is a huge step forward for reducing the administrative burden and also improving the quality of the data being used by the church. 

About the App

* When buying an App you must be committed to iKnow for 12 months from the time the App is published.  

Church mobile apps

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