October 2018 Updates

First published on: 4th October 2018

These are the latest updates being released to iKnow Church which all our churches will benefit from. As part of using iKnow Church, your church receives all our latest releases at no extra charge.

Mobile App Builder

Our Mobile App Builder gives you control over your own church app. With the App Builder you'll be able to update the content of your app including:

  • replacing the homepage content
  • add/remove features
  • customise the colour scheme
  • add/remove social networks

Don't forget that the App automatically pulls in content from iKnow Church and Social Media ensuring your app always has the latest information for your members and your mission field. 

New Mobile App

Our Mobile App has also been updated to the latest version. As this is a big update churches with existing apps, will need to go through the App Builder Process to customise it with the new options. This can be done in Settings > App Builder. If you do not yet have a mobile app then you can request it through the App Builder. With iKnow Church your church can have its own mobile app available in the Apple and Android store. See our pricing page for separate App pricing. 

My Profile

My Profile is a handy way for church members to keep their details up to date.  With the Custom Fields you've always been able to create extra fields for members to complete. Now with this minor update you can select to have data shown to people but restrict what they can edit. This is ideal for displaying Gift Aid numbers or other information that you want to set for people and have them see but not change the information.

Communication Suite

Now it is really easy to personalise the emails and text messages that you send out using the iKnow Church Communicate Suite. There are pre-defined tags which will be replaced with the individuals information when sent. This includes (firstName), (lastName), (churchName), (setPasswordLink).  For churches that are implementing iKnow Church, the (setPasswordLink) means you can send out iKnow Church passwords to people in stages.

This updates applies to the Communication Suite throughout iKnow Church. 

Church Communication Suite

Room Booking

Just a few minor updates for Room Booking:

  • when an booking is deleted, the Room Booking module remains on the month of deletion rather than returning to the current month.
  • the printer export will now display the Room Layout.


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