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New Life Church started up in 1951 as a small group of approximately 12 people, who have now grown into a multi-campus church with 800+ members. They are a local church in Derby, with a global vision.

As advances in technology crosses the world, the ability to reach nations from local churches is not as physically constrained than in previous generations; which is why a web presence can be highly instrumental in the Christian Commission.

Technology has gone far beyond just having a website, it is increasingly becoming ingrained into our lives and cultures and is changing the way that we interact with each other and life.

The team at New Life Church are acutely aware that we serve a living God and as people with a mission, we need to be looking at how we can affect a changing world around us. Advances in technology have brought about vast opportunities for the Church, not only for evangelism but in providing tools that equip the Church Body, so as to serve the areas that we are individually called.

iKnow Church exists to bridge this gap between church life and our everyday lives, by utilising technology as a positive force in equipping the Church.

When we spoke to Henry Ita, associate leader of New Life Church in Derby about iKnow Church, he told us: “It has made leading the church a lot easier and more effective; I definitely believe that this has a knock on effect in people getting saved and in achieving the vision of the church. It is a management tool and sometimes people think church management is not as necessary, or as important as evangelising and preaching the word but when you have this information at the tips of your fingers, it makes your communication and pastoring a lot more effective.”

New Life Church have really grasped how pivotal technology can be in creating effective leadership and how it can inspire visitors to get to know more and become involved. They have dedicated an entire page of their website to showcase iKnow Church and the mobile app.


We asked Henry why they had decided to promote its use in this way: “We did this to get visitors to connect with us and so we could keep in touch with them. We want them to be able to listen to the podcasts on the go and see what is happening on the go, which is what the app helps us achieve. We are pleased to have the app and wanted to advertise it for potential visitors, to catch the heart of what we are about.”

iKnow Church is a great way of being able to create and strengthen connections, and to facilitate growth.

We asked Henry if this was the case for New Life Church: “I definitely think this is helping us grow as a church. The moment a church loses it’s focus of changing lives and interacting “one-on-one” with people and affecting people's lives to focus only on management, strategy and numbers, then they have lost it. I believe this is a tool in our hands to make ministry much easier. It is never to replace ministry in reaching the lost and broken, and it’s not to replace the “one-on-one” contact with people - which we should always have, whether as a Pastor, staff, department leader or Life Group leader. However it is a tool for us to use in assisting with ministry.”


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