How iKnow have helped Hillview Community Church, Aberdeen

First published on: 23rd September 2015

We had a catch up with Jane from Hillview Community Church in Aberdeen this week to see how the team were getting on with iKnow, since its implementation 9 months ago.  Since using iKnow, they have really started to see great benefits in using its features, particularly with the built in finance module and the ability to create rota’s.

With iKnow you are able to create rota’s for your various teams and receive instant notification of any clashes that there may be, either with another rota or with planned holidays; at Hillview Community Church, they are finding just how important this feature is in freeing up time:

We are finding that creating rota’s using iKnow is a great time saver and team leaders have really started to rely on the system. Before using iKnow we would have had to manually check that there were no clashes with rota’s, whereas now a notification pops up to tell you of any clashes, and that has been a huge time saver for us.
- Jane Williams, Hillview Community Church

Those on the rota will receive a reminder notification 3 days prior to the day of the event, which in Jane’s words is “brilliant!” as teams have come to rely on these messages being sent out.

The finance module is another big time saving aspect of iKnow that Hillview Community Church is greatly benefiting from, due to its convenience and practicality.

Prior to using iKnow, a separate system was being used at Hillview Community Church to input financial donations in order to claim gift aid electronically, however with this function included within iKnow, the process has become a lot quicker and simpler than their previous donations system.

With iKnow’s dedicated finance module, Hillview Community Church are able to record Sunday offerings, import CSV files, submit gift aid claims and create giving statements easily within the one church management system.

By using iKnow, our donations process has been made much simpler and faster than when we were using our previous donations system, as we can download bank statements directly into iKnow, and most importantly iKnow is a web-based system which makes it easily accessible.” - Jane Williams, Hillview Community Church

The time saving factor of iKnow has created a great deal of enthusiasm amongst the team leaders at Hillview Community Church, but there are also many other features of iKnow, such as the Map-App, that are generating a buzz with the lead pastor too.

Hillview Community Church have seen great time saving benefits from using iKnow, if you think that your church could benefit too then why not give us a call or drop us an email to see how we can help your church.

At iKnow, because we understand how church works we have created our church management system to be intuitive to the needs of those using it. We are dedicated to helping churches grow, and so rather than just creating a static church management system, we are continually adding new features that will assist church leaders and its members.

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