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ElimHaving first become aware of iKnow Church just over 4 years ago, Elim Carlisle recently made the move from an in-house spreadsheet to iKnow’s dedicated church database system. 

Following meetings with other church leaders, Alan and his team recognised that there were a lot of attributes a dedicated church database system would provide which could not be fulfilled by a spreadsheet and that iKnow would be advantageous in several areas. The most significant and immediate need they had for a church database was due to a change in structure, as Alan explains:

“We have released a new level of leadership into our church to create coordinating and supervision roles, in doing this we have those in leadership positions who are not employed as staff and therefore are not consistently in the office. We needed a system that would enable us to supply all of our leaders with up-to-date and accurate information without the need to be regularly involved in the office.”  

This level of leadership is becoming more commonplace in churches across the country, for churches of all sizes. Economic and time restraints increase the need for churches to release new levels of leadership, as resources for full time staff and the availability of full time volunteers steadily decrease. The iKnow Church Database is a cloud based system that allows for all church leaders to access information from anywhere with an internet connection, freeing the team up to tackle day-to-day tasks without restraint. 

This ability to unshackle the team is one of the reasons that Elim Carlisle decided to implement iKnow, Alan was particularly keen though that they would also have a way to regulate this: 

“Whilst we wanted to provide our leaders with access to the church database, it was critical that we would have the ability to monitor and adjust how much access was given, to ensure the safeguarding of sensitive information. iKnow allows us to create various levels of permissions so that we can authorise access to the system at levels appropriate to each leader.”

Alan and his team are still in the process of rolling iKnow into the church but they have stated that they are impressed with the church database and with the iKnow team themselves:

“We are just getting to grips with iKnow but already I wouldn’t want to be without it - I love it! It is a necessary addition to allow for our development to the next level of growth as a Church.

There are a couple of features that have specifically stood out. The ability for attendance to be taken of our Cell Groups and for that information to then be shared with our Ministry Coordinators, is particularly beneficial to the whole process of discipleship, and the fact that the system is geared to effectively monitor individuals discipleship journeys is really helpful.

We are also very impressed with the willingness of the iKnow staff to provide support over the phone without charge, and that this is a British church database system (not an American adaptation) which is constantly being updated. The pricing policy of iKnow is straightforward and didn’t require the additional purchase of add-ons, and, we have access to the whole system which is good for us because we are not yet sure which areas we would use the most. 

The response to iKnow from our Group leaders has been positive and we have especially had an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the rota system, which allows for team members to input unavailability dates and warn’s leaders of clashes with other rota’s, whilst also providing alternate suggestions should there be a clash on the rota. iKnow is a very effective leadership tool which we believe will make our church stronger.”

If you would like to find out more about the iKnow Church database system or have any questions, please contact our team either by phoning us on 0121 651 1125 or you can email hello@iknowchurch.co.uk 

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