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I was for born in Kent, grew up in Sussex, moved to Hampshire to work and now live and work in the West Midlands. I’m 48 and have been married to Julie for 26 years. I have three children, Paul (married to Mayah), Matthew and Sarah. I’ve worked in many different IT roles including running my own company providing consultancy and network troubleshooting. In 2000 I gave that up and went to work full-time as a pastor of a church in Porstmouth moving in 2007 to take a youth-work role at a church in an anglican church in Birmingham. Since leaving that role in 2015 I have been variously a site manager, a full time carer, a parish office manager and a travelling broadband salesman.

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Wake up after pressing snooze several times to find a cup of tea (supplied by my wife who will have just come from her daily run). Drop my daughter off to school via Costa then half an hour commute. Helping people and fixing stuff all day long whilst enjoying working and laughing with the team. Then home to enjoy not working evenings and spending time with family. Weekends are spent fixing stuff around the house, visiting family or slobbing out in front of the TV. Sunday is early to church to catch the bacon rolls and coffee.

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Spending time with my family, watching action/sci-fi/fantasy films at the cinema, DIY and console gaming. I listen to audio-books and love to drive.

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I can pick locks, juggle and love cooking. I don’t know whether or not it’s a skill or a talent but I do have a significant store of wires, cables, connectors and adaptors. Having brought up two boys I’m pretty good with a lightsaber, even if I do say so myself.

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Home with family is always best but I like to go to Wales and Scotland. Harlech is a favourite with us where we have spent loads of time just mucking about in the massive sand dunes. We hired a boat for out 25th wedding anniversary and sailed the length of the Caledonian canal.

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