During this part of setting up iKnow we are going to be adding the different teams and groups to iKnow.

Adding teams and groups is always done within the settings option of iKnow so you must have access to settings to do this. 

Setup Teams

Go to Settings and click on Teams (you may have changed this in the dictionary to something else).
Click on Create New Team and add the team name. Once it is added click on the Manage In dropdown to start adding people to the team. You will be able to assign leaders and give permissions to each person on the team.

Setup Groups

Every group that meets in your church can be setup on iKnow.  However, if you have people that have pastoral oversight over a number of groups then the first thing we will do is setup Group Networks. 
To do this go to Settings and click on Group Networks and click on New Group Network. If you do not have networks of groups then you can skip this step. 

Go to Settings and click on Groups (you may have changed this in the dictionary to something else)
Click on New Group and enter the details for this group.
When it is saved click on the Members button for that group and you can add members giving different access levels (such as assigning leaders, taking attendance, viewing other members)
These groups will now all be live on iKnow and once people login they will be able to access their own group. 

That is teams and groups setup!  With iKnow all your leaders can easily manage and communicate with their members. If you haven't already then why not browse the Team and Group options within the main menu. If you don't see these options then add yourself as a leader of a team and group. 

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