Import people

If you have a database of people you want added to the iKnow system then speak to our team about importing this into iKnow. 

Setup Processes

iKnow has some fantastic pastoral features to help you look after your church. Processes will enable automatic alerts to be sent to people within the church to do certain tasks.  To set these up go to Settings and then click on Processes.


In the previous guide you should have set up some metric collection series  for the church where you setup the different items that needed recording from each service such as the number of ‘Adults’ or ‘Children’. Abacus is where you can start to collect these stats.
Now you should give access to the person who will be recording that information by going to the People option and clicking on Add A Person (or giving them access to the Abacus app if they are already on the system). They can then start recording the attendance in iKnow so you begin to get meaningful statistics. 

Arrange a group leaders/ team leaders night for a few weeks time

You might hold these leaders events reguarly and if you do then you could set aside 45 minutes as part of the meeting to introduce iKnow to your leaders.  In this meeting you will be able to talk them through how iKnow can help them communicate with their team members, setup rotas and record group attendance.  There are a range of videos on the iKnow Church website that you could play as part of this meeting. You might also like to join one of our online webinars and let us train your leaders for you!


Access the Media section from the main menu and you can start adding MP3 files to iKnow. iKnow generates the podCast feed automatically so you can submit this to the Apple iTunes store.  If you have people in your church responsible for adding the MP3 files then give them access to the Media section.

Core Staff/ Team
Make sure the core staff team have access to iKnow so that they can start logging on and getting used to using iKnow. Don't forget to call our team if you have questions on using iKnow.

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