So you are about to start using iKnow - congratulations!  Very soon you will see how valuable iKnow will become to your church. 

The first thing we will look at doing is personalising iKnow for your church. So login to iKnow and click on Settings.


Click on the Dictionary icon and you will be able to change the default names for the different areas of the iKnow. Whatever you call your groups; be it ‘life groups’, ‘small groups’ or ‘connect groups,’ you will be able to rename it so it matches your church language.


If your church meets in multiple locations then you can add additional locations within Settings by click on Locations.

Admin Groups

The permissions you set in admin groups dictate how much of a person’s profile can be seen in groups, teams & people, how much can be edited in settings & people and how people can be communicated with through people, groups & teams.  Go to Settings and click on Admin Groups to set this up. Within iKnow click on the help file for more details on how to set this up.

Journey Items

We’ve developed the journey feature to help churches track the spiritual journey of their members and mission field. There may be certain dates that you want to know for each member of your church such as ‘Baptism’ or ‘Completed Alpha Course’.  To add these items go to Settings and click on Journey Items and you can add items relevant to your church.  There will be two items which are automatically completed: whether the person is in a group, and if the person is serving on a team. 

Order your App

If you are keen to get started with iKnow and want to order a mobile app for your church then you can click on Mobile App Builder and start configuring the App. (There are additional costs associated with having an app, you can find out more by clicking on this link: iKnow Mobile App Pricing or by contacting the iKnow team).

Add the core team/ leadership to iKnow

Within the People section go to Add Person and start adding a few of the core members of your leadership team. Ensure you give them the correct admin group and access to the apps they will need. You can click on "save and send" on their profile to send them a link so they can login and start looking around the system too.

Add Events

Events need to be setup before any rotas can be added to the system so click on Events from the menu.  It is easy to add repeating events so you can setup a Sunday Service and repeat it a number of times. 

Personalising Metrics 

The metrics module will allow your church to record the number of people who come to your events. Click on Metrics in the main menu and then in this module click on Settings on the top menu bar . You can customise what you want to record: ie number of ‘adults’, ‘children’ etc.

Decide on your Payment Provider

If you want to use paid for ticketing or process donations through iKnow then the software makes this really easy to do.  You will need to decide on whether you use the iKnow PSP or your own one.  The iKnow PSP is ready for you to use with your church, but getting your own PSP will take a few weeks to setup. Contact us if you need more information.

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