iKnow Church is based in the cloud which means it is accessible to authorised users as long as they have an internet connection. 

Every church is different and the time it takes to implement iKnow can vary from church to church. Some churches have data ready to import and within a few weeks most members are using iKnow.  For other churches, implementing iKnow can take a bit longer.

If you have an up to date spreadsheet with your people data on then contact us and we can import this into iKnow to help you get started. For churches that do not have up to date information to import then you can either add each person to iKnow manually or you can get your own mobile app and let people register themselves onto iKnow through the app. 

We’ve created this guide to help churches get started with iKnow.  We’ve split the steps into different weeks, but this is just a suggestion and you can follow these different steps in your own time.

This guide is for the main person setting up iKnow for the church - if this is you then don't forget you can delegate access to different people by giving others access. However it will be useful for you to go through these steps to understand how iKnow works.

Don’t forget that we offer email and telephone support so contact one of our iKnow implementation specialists for advice. We also run webinars regularly and you can see our video tutorials and helpfiles. 

Week 1 - personalise iKnow; adding leadership team; adding events

Week 2 - import people; personalise process; abacus; podcasts

Week 3 - setup teams and groups

Week 6 - hold a training session for your team and group leaders; setup finance module