It’s imperative to be able to see what is happening in your church groups and teams with the perspective of oversight. As church leaders we realised how much we didn’t know. We didn’t know how many people were serving in how many teams, who served the most, the most active team and the most widely involved volunteers.

Now we can say iKnow.

Groups met and we had regular conversations with the leaders but it was hard to have access to any detailed information to know if we were really making progress. As leaders we just didn’t really know. Now we can see the average attendance of a group, the individual members with low attendance, where more groups are needed using the maps app and if group membership and real attendance is going up in a campus and as a whole church. We can also deliver notes directly to the leaders as well as music, images and videos.

That is why we have made a reporting line specifically for this purpose which collates the aspects of data which are relevant, facilitating the meeting.

Nice graphs showing attendance for your different events

image of screen giving attendance tracking report

Overview of attendance

Church attendance