GDPR Advice for Churches

It is important that your church handles data securely. In our article on Accountability and Security we have said more about what this may involve.

The church is meant to be a safe place for people to go when they need support and help. Every week there are churches all around the country that open their doors for people to worship, enjoy fellowship, and get support from ministers and counsellors.  The church has the most important message that anyone can ever hear so we need to make sure that churches are fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to handling data so that nothing hinders the most important work.

For example, if information is printed about a person, then do you have a documented policy on how that information should be handled and how it should be destroyed?

If anyone raises a data request, your church does have a responsibility to ensure that the request is completed within the allotted time frame. These requests may be covered by the following:

  • Right to be forgotten

  • Right to be informed

  • Right to erasure

  • Right to restrict processing

How iKnow Church can help

Making data secure is very important which is why using a system like iKnow Church which is regularly tested for security and specially built to store church data is important.  

Whilst iKnow Church has advanced access controls so you can restrict what information people can download, whenever data leaves the iKnow system then your church should ensure that this data is handled properly.

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