GDPR Advice for Churches

Opt-in versus opt-out is one of the core principles of GDPR. In practice, this means that assumed consent cannot be given. Forms which result in someone's information being stored, or emails being sent to them, must not have consent boxes ticked by default.

This is why it is so important to gain permission from your church members before the 25th of May 2018. Once the deadline passes, assumed consent will no longer be valid. You must gather explicit permission if you have not already done so. iKnow Church has a number of tools built in to help you do this in a way which is compliant with GDPR.

How iKnow Church can help

Within iKnow Church, no consent boxes (to give permission for holding data, contact preferences, or anything else) will ever be pre-ticked. Consent must be given willingly, freely and without coercion in order to be valid and iKnow Church will help you to ensure this.

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