GDPR Advice for Churches

If your church stores information about children under 16 then you must get parental or guardian permission to store this information. You should also record who it was who gave that permission and the date/time that this happened. 

When a child reaches 16 they themselves need to give their own permission for your church to keep storing data on them. 

All information stored about individuals in the church should be kept confidential but it is particularly important that access to information about children within the church is tightly controlled. 

How iKnow Church can help

Within iKnow Church, parents and guardians can give or decline permission for their children's details to be stored by the church.   

There is a separate feature for the person(s) within the church who are responsible for data whereby they can see who is turning 16 soon so that they can then give or decline their own permission.  Within iKnow Church the process of getting permission from someone about to turn 16 is really simple. 

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